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Just because a movie,cartoon,comic book ect. is a comedy or light hearted,doesn't mean that it is allowed not to put effort into it,just trow random jokes and it will be good:it has to be well written as well and not using jokes every two second,it also shouldn't have assholes charaters getting away with their actiong,not learning everything and make the nice charaters only suffer for the sake of "humor"! It is too painful to watch otherwise!
Same goes for darker stories:just because they are serious,it doesn't mean that they are allowed of having plot holes,forced stuff,making no sense,having good charaters being hated for no reason or turning good charaters into jerks or dumb for the plot to work! The story also should explain important stuff(not everything of course,since is ok to leave some mystery) and give charaters good motives!
This is just my opinion,but I think that putting effort in both of these kind of stories is important.
This is why I got problem with Sonic Boom,the Pre Reboot comics(mostly before issue 160) and I roll my eyes when people thinks that being funny or dark,automatically erases all the plot holes.
Like I said,just my opinion:I respect yours!
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