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I love how in Sonic Boom they keep overglorifying Amy to make her look betterXD How DESPERATE can they be? First they turn Knuckles into an idiot to replace him with Amy,then they turn him into a wimp to make Amy look "badass"pffff
Even on twitter the guy who voiced Comedy Chip said" Knuckles is strong,Amy is badass" pfff Amy fanboy much? XD And in the recent episode,OF COURSE Amy is the ONLY one who cares about Eggman's robot bee and the only competent one while the others are duh morons-_- I also LOVE how she FORCES them on agreeing with her-_- true friendship-_-
So it's official:Amy is a overglorified Mary Sue and even in the Modern games her charater is all over the place:first she shout outlaud that she love Sonic and wants to marry him;yet in Sonic Lost World she was confessing her feelings despite Sonic obviously already knowing them? Oh,right:Amy is popular so let's trow any cliché the fans want-_-
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I'm done with this crap, I'm done being mentally raped because I don't worship Amy and I don't put up with her fanbrats behaviour! Here: have my open leg and shove your crap in there: I'm done!
Someone makes a stamp or a journal about why he/she hates Amy? What a monster! Let's make hundred reply on why he/she shouldn't have an opinion! Someone makes Sally out of charater, draws her dead,replies on a Sally picture just to insult? That's ALLL good, who cares? Wait someone actually DARED reply and saying something bad about Amy?! He/she is Hitler! How could?! Someone DARED to say that by accusing Sally of being a slut because she is naked ( even if now she wears clothers) is like saying that Amy is one too because in Boom she doesn't wear panties?! That clearly me this person is saying that Amy is always a slut,ignoring that he/she only saying by that logic! That is going too far( Yes, someone actually said this-_-) Someone DARED to say that if Sally is called a cheater because she dated other guys while she was single, then the same goes to Boom Amy because she fell for every random cool guy she barely met?! That person clearly wants Amy too look bad! Someone said that if Sonamy becomes official he/she will quit Sonic? Drama Queen! Someone says that if Sally appears in the games he/she will quit Sonic? This person he right and no one should say otherswise! Someone called a person cancer, prostitute or bitch because this person tried to say who Sally really was? Good: how DARE someone defend Sally?! Someone says he/she wishes something bad for Amy, a fictional charaters?! Call the police and arrest this monster!

So yeah, I'm done! I DON'T regret what I said about Amy and I wish her charater never existed! Say all you want: I don't care!
Amy mature fans: this ISN'T direct to you! You are great!
Bitch out!
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Just because a movie,cartoon,comic book ect. is a comedy or light hearted,doesn't mean that it is allowed not to put effort into it,just trow random jokes and it will be good:it has to be well written as well and not using jokes every two second,it also shouldn't have assholes charaters getting away with their actiong,not learning everything and make the nice charaters only suffer for the sake of "humor"! It is too painful to watch otherwise!
Same goes for darker stories:just because they are serious,it doesn't mean that they are allowed of having plot holes,forced stuff,making no sense,having good charaters being hated for no reason or turning good charaters into jerks or dumb for the plot to work! The story also should explain important stuff(not everything of course,since is ok to leave some mystery) and give charaters good motives!
This is just my opinion,but I think that putting effort in both of these kind of stories is important.
This is why I got problem with Sonic Boom,the Pre Reboot comics(mostly before issue 160) and I roll my eyes when people thinks that being funny or dark,automatically erases all the plot holes.
Like I said,just my opinion:I respect yours!
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- They call any female charaters that shows to be better than Amy, a Mary Sue, yet not only they always picture Amy as a Godness ( wich is basically the same as Mary Sue), but they also ignore that Amy herself is often OP, gets away with mostly anything,never gets scolded, gets powers and abilities either out of nowhere or after few minutes, while for others took YEARS( exemple her mystic melody from the Archie Comics, that Coral,the PRIEST, studied for YEARS before learning it; and her archeologist knoledge, so good that even Lyric, an ANCIENT himself needed! Sally learned all the stuff she knows, after studying and training for YEARS and we see that she isn't perfect,unlike how those hypocrites claim!);
-If they hate a charater that is fine because they are just fictional charaters BUT if someone DARES to hate Amy, he/she is a monster because apparently Amy is a real person-_- Example couples&sm=1 ;-They say that Amy is horrible in the comics, while in there Amy is wayy more mature, kind and responable,never hits her friends, never tries to force Sonic into marriage and Sonic cares for her in there way more than he ever did in the games: he is worried if she is missing, hurt and he even hugged her once!
In the games Amy treats or hits everyone who disagrees with her ( she even treaten Cream in Sonic Rush and in Sonic Battle she forced her to fight just to have a training partner and become stronger to impress Sonic, despite the fact that Cream HATED violence! Such good friend-_-),she claims Sonic as her own and she never regrets anything she does or apologizes;
- The act like the victim, while they always attack who hates Amy or prefers Sonic with another girl and when someone explain them their reason, they don't read the comment and pull stuff out their ass, instead of listen to others opinion and are extremely dogmatics: even if there are clear proof of they being wrong, they ignore them and keep acting like their thoughts are facts;
-They claim that others fans are immature, when they treat others, refuse to listen to their opinions, block who proves them wrong and lie to make Amy look like a saint!
Here is an example…
I already didn't like Amy, but I respected those who liked her and what I got? That most of them( not all the Amy fans mind you) insulted me, called me names, told me to kill myself, accused me of saying stuff I never mentioned and insulted my family!
So, yeah, I will never like Amy, she can burn alive slowly and I'll laught!
I will respect her mature fans BUT I'm seriously considering of doing fan fiction of her being brutally tortured and killed!
Should I?
I don't know, but frankly I don't care anymore: she is just a fictional c**t after all, so no real arm!
You fanbrats happy? No? Good!
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Yeah,you people always called Sally a slut for not wearing clothes,but now she DOES,since the reboot!Amy on the other hand is been seen wearing no panties in Sonic Boom AND we have to consider that she was made to look older and sexier AND she and the team do not get paied for saving the Island,yet they have money to spend despite that and not having a real job,so the only answer for that is only one:Amy and Sticks work as prostitutes!I mean,they naked part JUST happens to be the v!
So,yeah they are the only sluts now,according to YOUR logic!
Unless you people admit that they are just animals and there's nothing wrong if they are naked or not!
Your choice.
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It happened more than 10 years ago,it was made by Karl Bollers SPECIFICALLY to make Sally to look bad and to please the Sonamy fans plus, Sally admitted she was wrong and apologized about it!
She even sacrificed herself to save the planet!
I think that makes up for overreacting one!
She kept blaming herself even after she apologized to Sonic!
And now,with the reboot,it never happened!
Many charaters from different media did even worse thing,yet they get a pass free,but Sally doesn't?!
Piccolo and his father,from Dragonball,killed people,just for fun,Piccolo beated the shit out of Gohan,for training and was forgiven because he sacrificed himself to save Gohan only,then,after they were defeated by the Androids,he snapped at the others by attacking them and sayingand that he was just using them;all because he was upset he was defeated !And he never apologized for that or at least felt bad for it!
Vegeta,always from Dragonball,killed many innocent for fun and money,almost killed Goku and the others!
When he went to Namek,he slauthered an intere village,even killing children! He then left Goku,that just saved his life and planned to kill Gohan and Krillin(he then spared them all,just because he needed them to kill Freezer)
After he was brought back to life,he gloathed about that village he destroied,than after gave them advice on how save Goku(just because he wanted to fight him again),he stole spaceship from Bulma and left!
After he came back,Bulma(who seemed to have forgot that he stole from her,that he wanted to kill them and destroy the Earth and that he was the cause of the death of her friends and her boyfriend) invited him to live on her house!
After he learned about the Androids and that they will kill them all in the future,he still refused  to use the Dragon balls to find the lab and kill their creator before he could have create them,saving the planet easily!
When dr Gero made Bulma,his wife, and his son Trunks crash,he did nothing to save them,and didn't even regret it,saying that he didn't care!
He treated future Trunks like crap,despite everything Trunks did to save his life!
He allowed Cell to become perfect and,even after he was beat up,he still didn't seemed to regret it and made fun of Trunks,that saved him! No one told him how much of a moron and asshole he was for that!
He was then forgiven by Trunks only because he gave a shit when Cell killed him(despite the fact that his reaction came out of nowhere,since he didn't care when Trunks was hurt before and suddenly now he cares!)
And even when Cell was about to destroy the Earth,he attacked only in the end!
In the Buu saga,after they went inside Babidi's base to save Piccolo and Krillin that were turned into stone,he said that they derseved it because they were good!
Then he left himself being controlled by Babidi on purpose,just because he wanted to be evil again and to fight Goku!And because of that Majin Buu was freed !Vegeta's stupidity and ego,put the world in danger again!
He also killed hundred of people in front of Bulma!And he said to Goku that he didn't care about her and Trunks!
Then,again out of nowhere,he cares about them and sacrifice himself pointessly to try to kill Buu!
But it fails,giving to his sacrifice the only porpose to redeem him and to have  excuse for not having someone Goku can fuse with!
Bulma wasn't mad at him!
The didn't tell to Trunks what he did and everyone forgave him!
Yes,he was the one that come up with the plan to kill Buu in the end,but if he didn't let himself being controlled in the first place,NONE of this would have happened!
And in the end he is brought back to life after being dead,for what,2 days?
What about Rogue,from the X-Men comics?
When she forst appeared she was a villain and fought the X-Men several times!
She was obsessed with killing Dazzler because she was jealous of her!
And do you know how she got her super streingh and the ability to fly?
By stealing Miss Marvel's powers and personality almost killing her! And not like it is shown in the X-Men TAS,where Mystique forced her to touch Miss Marvel for too long!
No,in the comics she did it on purpose because she wanted to kill her and then she trowed her in the river!
And she joined the X-Men later only because che couldn't stand Miss Marvel personality trying to take over and because she wanted to freely touch people not because she felt guilty!
She redeemed herself,sure,but still,fans can forgive her,yet Sally is unforgivable?!
Also,in the AvengersVX-Men Rogue absorbed Miss Marvel powers again! And how she excuse herself?By saying that it is a War!
Yeah,Sally admits she was wrong but she is unforgivable,Rogue on the other hand is ok!
And don't get me wrong:I love all this charater mentioned,but it pisses me off that they can be forgiven for doing worse thing,yet Sally cannot be forgiven!
Grow up people!
Amy smashes her hammer on everyone,treats even Cream for having an opinion,gets kidnapped on purpose in Sonic Riders and gets mad at Sonic for saving her and tries to force Sonic into marriage and that's ok?!
Shadow tries to kill Cosmo,in Sonic x,never explaining why and enjoing beating the others up,while tring to kill her!
Yes,he though she was a willing spy,but then,why not just telling the others the truth?!
Also,no charater was mad at Shadow after that!Sonic scolded him,but didn't really seemed to care!
Seriously people stop being hipocrites and get over it!
With the reboot it never even happened!
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